The ideas begin!


Starting to have a few ideas now on what I’m going to do with my Raspberry Pi when it finally arrives. Decided to split the ideas into two categories :

1 – Bare Metal : expirements/code etc. related to writing directly to the hardware without using any sort of OS. This is made possible by the way the RPi  boots. After doing some digging around on’s forum, I have been directed to dwelch67’s (excellent) Git repo and some of the code he’s already written, and more importantly the documentation he’s done on this method, on how to get this working. Looks very interesting indeed.

2- GNU/Linux : code, configurations etc. developed on top of one of the many linux distributions that people have ported, or are porting, to the RPi. Not as exciting (to me anyway) as the Bare Metal stuff, but still some interesting things that could be done with the RPi this way.



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