A quick update.


Been busy with general ‘life’ things for the last couple of weeks, so Pi stuff has had to take a back seat.

But today I’ve finally had a few hours to get some stuff done. I’ve got my Wixel/Pi hooked up, and a cross compiling/building setup up and running in Windows.

Raspberry Pi hooked up to Wixel

Pi with Wixel USB/Uart adapter hooked up

Sometime in the next week or so (when I get chance to write it up) I’ll put up a guide detailing how I got it working, so others can have a go at it.

Next thing on the list is to create a simple IDE type environment to ease the compile/build/load/test cycle. The IDE will consist of a context sensitive text editor, a (simple at first) project/solution manager and an in built serial upload/monitor tool. The idea being I can write code in the editor and then press a ‘Run’ button, and it take care of the build & upload and let me see the results.

Firstly I have to get a serial bootloader working. This will be based on the excellent work done by dwelch67, with some changes/additions done by myself to fit in with the way I like working.


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