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It’s here!!


Well it took a day longer than I thought, due to ParcelForce’s loose interpretation of ’24 hours’, but it’s finally arrived. So heres some pics. Firstly…   And then…. Now all I have to do is check it works, putting a linux image onto SD card as I type.

The wait is finally over, just had my despatch email from RS/ParcelForce and my Raspberry Pi is on it’s way. Unfortunately as it’s Friday, and they don’t do Saturday deliveries, I’ve still got the weekend to wait (im)patiently. Will (hopefully) be posting up pictures on Monday.

Decided it was time to post up the first photo on this blog, but unfortunately there is something missing, can you spot it?? That’s right everything’s ready to go now except my Raspberry Pi isn’t here yet, hence the gaping hole in the photo above. Some good news though my 2 Wixel’s arrived from┬áProto-Pic┬áthis morning, […]

Starting to have a few ideas now on what I’m going to do with my Raspberry Pi when it finally arrives. Decided to split the ideas into two categories : 1 – Bare Metal : expirements/code etc. related to writing directly to the hardware without using any sort of OS. This is made possible by […]

Welcome to my site dedicated to the Raspberry Pi, and the experiments I hope to do with mine, when it arrives. Got my order invite through from RS, so now it’s ordered I need to decide what to do with it. But with the 3 weeks (minimum) it’s going to take to arrive at least […]